Green Care Cleaners has moved!

It’s hard to believe, but after 15 amazing years on Littleton Blvd., our landlord wanted to find a different tenant.

The GOOD NEWS? We found a GREAT FACILITY in a GREAT LOCATION that will let us serve you better.

Here's what’s not changing:
  • We’ll still get your clothes CLEANER, FRESHER-SMELLING & SOFTER
  • We’ll even have the same PHONE NUMBER
  • Only our location is changing, and we think you’ll be EXCITED about the new location!

NEW LOCATION: 537 W. Highlands Ranch Pkwy #107, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 (map)

If you have any questions or need any help reaching us at our new location, call us at 303-798-0515!

4 Ways to Re-Use Bridesmaid Dresses

Each spring marks the start of another wedding season. Bridesmaids usually have a love-hate relationship with their wedding day gown. Whether the bride chose a bridesmaid dress that is not your style or you’re pleased with the selection, there are few opportunities to wear that gown again…

But we’re here to help! Here are four ways to re-use, re-style, and re-purpose your bridesmaid dress.

  1. New hem. If the bride chose a long gown to match the elegance of the wedding, give it new life with a new hemline! Turn a floor length gown into a cocktail dress by cutting away excess fabric and giving it a new hem. Find a trusted seamstress for the best result, or bring it to Green Care Cleaners – we can help clean the dress so it looks its best, before and after the alteration!
  2. Change the color. Not in love with the dress? A little dye can give a subtle fabric bold new life. If you’re not sure how the color will turn out, ask a professional for advice. Always choose a dye meant for the fabric and test the dye in an inconspicuous area first.
  3. Split it! Turn the formal gown into a skirt! Separate top from bottom and add a new waistline for the skirt. With help from a talented seamstress, you may even be able to transform the gown into a blouse too.
  4. Prom Dress. While prom styles change year to year, so do wedding trends! Try giving your gown new life by donating it to a high school girl who loves the style. They can even take the gown to the tailor to have it match their style.

Love it, save the gown for your next formal event! Bring it to Green Care Cleaners for our organic wet cleaning. We can remove all the hidden stains that damage formal dresses over time so you can wear the gown, looking it’s best, at your next event.

Like it, you can get the most out of your bridesmaid gown with a little dye and a few stitches! Find a trusted seamstress and tailor the gown to your own style.

Hate it, give it new life to someone who will love the dress. Whether you offer the gown to another person, sell online, or donate the dress, make sure it’s in great condition so it can make the best impression.

Stop by Green Care Cleaners to keep all your clothing, from bridesmaid dresses to wedding gowns to your favorite sweater, looking best and feeling fresh! Call us at 303-798-0515 if you have any questions about caring for or re-purposing your bridesmaid dress.

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