The Difference Between Wet Cleaning and Dry Cleaning

If you thought that all of your clothes had to be “dry” cleaned with chemicals, you’re not alone. That’s because wet cleaning is still a pretty new procedure.

The Problem with Dry Cleaning

The problem with traditional dry cleaning is that it’s done using harsh chemical called Perchloroethylene (or “Perc” for short). When dry cleaners have finished using a batch of Perc, it actually has to be sealed tight and hauled away because it’s so harsh on the environment. It’s so strong, in fact, that it’s also used to degrease auto parts and strip paint! When your clothes come back stiff, dry and faded, and they smell like chemicals, it’s because of Perc.

What is Wet Cleaning?

Instead of chemicals, the wet cleaning method uses temperature-controlled water, sophisticated computer-controlled machines, years and years of experience, and gentle detergents to get your clothes clean. So why does water work so much better than chemicals? It’s because 85% of stains on clothes are water-soluble, and will simply wash away in water. About 5-10% of stains are oil-soluble, and for these we only need a soft detergent and water. Anything else is a permanent stain, and won’t come out, no matter how many kinds of chemicals are used. This short video explains much more about Wet Cleaning and how it works!

But My Tags Say “Dry Clean Only!”

When your clothes say “Dry Clean Only,” the manufacturer wasn’t saying that you must only take your clothes to the dry cleaners…it’s telling you that there’s no good way for you to wash your clothes at home. Home and laundry mat washers and dryers treat your clothes too roughly…your best outfits would fade, tear and wear out much too quickly if you washed them at home. But with the wet cleaning method, you’ll get clothes that are not only handled gently and cleaned with care, but that also feel better, smell fresher, and are healthier for you and the environment.

We don’t stop there!

When the clothes are clean, the job isn’t done. We use special cleaners to make your garments resistant to stain. As a result, you’ll notice that spills and stains are a thing of the past! But an additional benefit is that these special cleaners are also incredibly good for your skin, and if you have any skin allergies, you’ll probably find that you don’t have the same problems that you do with traditional dry cleaning.

The end result of wet cleaning is healthier, cleaner, softer clothes than dry cleaning!

What Kind of Garments Can Use Wet Cleaning?

The Wet Cleaning Method can clean nearly any type of garment, and do it better than dry cleaning. This includes:

  • Cashmere
  • Camel Hair
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Wedding Gowns
  • Especially garments that are highly decorated with sequins or beads
  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Household Items (curtains, table cloths, etc.)

Have an item of clothing not on this list? Give us a call at 303-798-0515…we’re happy to tell you whether our wet cleaning will help you keep you looking your best!

We do all of our cleaning in-house!

Believe it or not, most dry cleaners actually ship your clothes to somebody else to clean them. We don’t think that’s right! Every garment is personally cleaned in-house, using the highest amount of care and attention. You’ll never have to worry about misplaced clothes, inattention to details, or who is handling your favorite garments.

Beware of Organic Cleaning Imitators!

Some dry cleaning shops will claim to be “organic,” but they only mean “less harsh on your clothes.” The different between true organic cleaning like Green Care Cleaners and these imitators couldn’t be bigger. Real, organic wet cleaning will keep your clothes feeling better, smelling cleaner, and looking sharper without chemicals. The pretenders can’t do any of that.

Additionally, if you’ve ever had your clothes cleaned with CO2 but haven’t been impressed with the results, we know how you feel. We don’t use CO2 at Green Care Cleaners. CO2 is gentle on clothes, but it doesn’t get as clean as our methods. And if your clothes aren’t clean and bright, how can you look your best?

Want to know how Green Care Cleaners is different from other cleaners? Visit the Green Care Difference Page!