Green Care Cleaners has moved!

It’s hard to believe, but after 15 amazing years on Littleton Blvd., our landlord wanted to find a different tenant.

The GOOD NEWS? We found a GREAT FACILITY in a GREAT LOCATION that will let us serve you better.

Here's what’s not changing:
  • We’ll still get your clothes CLEANER, FRESHER-SMELLING & SOFTER
  • We’ll even have the same PHONE NUMBER
  • Only our location is changing, and we think you’ll be EXCITED about the new location!

NEW LOCATION: 537 W. Highlands Ranch Pkwy #107, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 (map)

If you have any questions or need any help reaching us at our new location, call us at 303-798-0515!

Back to School! Laundry 101

School is starting again! In light of the back to school season, we thought we’d take laundry back to the basics in this quick course:


Pre-treat stains when possible. When you get a stain, immediately soak the stain in water. If a stain dries, it is much harder to treat. For the toughest stains, bring your garment to our store for special treatments and organic wet cleaning!


Yes, you really do need to sort your laundry. We recommend sorting not only by color (whites, lights, darks, brights) but also by fabric type and water temperature.
When you get a new bright garment, always wash it for the first time alone (or with like colors) in cold water, and test for color bleeding before putting in a load with other garments. Avoid ruining your clothing by sorting carefully.


Don’t over stuff your washing machine. If there are too many clothes, the soap won’t be able to distribute evenly, and not all your clothes will get clean – defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?


To help your dryer run more efficiently, clean the lint trap EVERY TIME you dry a load. Lint can collect in the trap & vents and, left unattended, can create a fire hazard. To save more energy, run loads back-to-back to take advantage of residual heat. Drying light weight items first and separate from heavy items can also increase the efficiency of your dryer, and prevent pilling and shrinkage for delicate items.


It is easy to neglect this important part of laundry. Dirt, hair, odors, and fibers can collect in the wash bin from wash cycles. Clean your washer monthly to prevent these from depositing on your clothing. Many machines have a self-cleaning cycle, or run an empty load with a cup of white vinegar or bleach. Also once a month, use a vacuum to remove excess lint from the external vents. Remember to clean the lint trap after every load.

Household items

Blankets, pillows, comforters, duvets… all these things need to be cleaned too! Follow the cleaning instructions on the label. Wash blankets separately to avoid pilling on other fabrics. Often air drying is the best option for duvets, pillows, and these items. If you haven’t cleaned your comforter yet this season, or if it’s been stored while the weather is warm, have it cleaned so it is fresh when you need it this fall. Large comforters and duvets may not fit in your washing machine – again be careful of overstuffing, your comforter won’t get clean if the machine is too full. If you are uncertain about how to clean your household items, bring them into our store.

Questions about laundry best practices? Give us a call at 303-798-0515. Stop by Green Care Cleaners for organic wet cleaning for your favorite and most sensitive garments — you’ll get fresher, cleaner, longer-lasting clothing!

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