Green Care Cleaners has moved!

It’s hard to believe, but after 15 amazing years on Littleton Blvd., our landlord wanted to find a different tenant.

The GOOD NEWS? We found a GREAT FACILITY in a GREAT LOCATION that will let us serve you better.

Here's what’s not changing:
  • We’ll still get your clothes CLEANER, FRESHER-SMELLING & SOFTER
  • We’ll even have the same PHONE NUMBER
  • Only our location is changing, and we think you’ll be EXCITED about the new location!

NEW LOCATION: 537 W. Highlands Ranch Pkwy #107, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 (map)

If you have any questions or need any help reaching us at our new location, call us at 303-798-0515!

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are a beautiful part of a home’s decor that often is forgotten when it comes to home cleaning and maintenance.  Over time, the curtains absorb odors from the home, as well as pet hair and dust. Keeping these items clean is important for their appearance and longevity.

Vacuuming with a soft brush end is a great start. Making this part of your routine will keep the everyday dirt and dust from building up. Many lightweight curtains can be hand or machine washed at home, but carefully read the instructions first. If you have a concern with shrinkage or the material is delicate, do not machine wash. Make sure you do not suck the curtains into the vacuum attachments, as it can damage the materials.

Heavy weight curtains can be steam cleaned.  This will help avoid lengthy drying times. Always start from the top and work down. Protect yourself, as the steam can burn you. Should the curtains begin to feel saturated with water, move faster with the cleaner or hold the steam appliance further away from the material.

Drying should be done with the material in a hanging position. If needed, a quick iron can have them looking crisp and new. Avoid putting curtains in the dryer. The tumble motion will create creases that you will struggle to remove, or simply will never come out. Also, do not let them dry in direct sunlight, as UV rays will begin to fade your materials.

If the task of keeping your curtains clean and fresh sounds like a larger task than you have time or energy, the experts at Green Care Cleaners can help. Our Wet Cleaning Method can clean nearly any type of garment, and do it better than dry cleaning, including curtains and drapes.

Our environmentally friendly cleaning is free of the typical chemical odor from dry cleaning.  This method requires much more care and personal attention, and we’re committed to providing that care and attention because we know it shows in the look and feel of your valued items.

To learn more about cleaning your curtains and drapes, call the cleaning experts at Green Care Cleaners: 303-798-0515.

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