Household Stain Removal Solutions to Avoid


A lot of people claim to have “secret” or “special” solutions to taking care of stains on clothing, but here are several household cleaning solutions you should avoid at all costs:

Dishwasher detergent: You may have heard that the detergent you use on your dirty dishes will also work on your food stained clothing as well. However, this is far from the truth and is actually a bad idea. Dishwashing detergent fades colors, damages the fabrics’ fibers, and also causes skin irritation.

Shampoo: Keep colored or milky-looking shampoos away from your clothing. They have ingredients that will just cause a big foaming mess and result in a bigger stain.

Milk on washable ink: This doesn’t remove the ink and result in an additional protein stain. Have your organic cleaners handle this one and save the milk for your cereal.

Hair spray on ball-point ink: Ink stains are pesky ones indeed. Your colleagues may have suggested using your hairspray to effectively remove ballpoint stains. Unfortunately, you will just be creating an even stickier situation. The hairspray will leave behind a gummy residue and affect the fabrics’ color as well.

Salt to make dyes colorfast: You might have tried soaking your colorful clothing in salt water in an attempt to preserve their color and prevent bleeding. Doing this is only a temporary fix though, unless you plan on washing that article of clothing in salt water every time. As soon as the garment is wet again the dye will be free to pull away from the fabric.

White vinegar:
Vinegar is actually an acid that may weaken rayon, silk, or cotton fibers and cause discoloration. The easiest way to ward off evil stains is not letting them happen in the first place. Your organic cleaners can apply Soybean Nano-Technology to your clothing, which makes them resistant to stains and will you save you a lot of time and grief!