Taking Care of Workout Clothes

Spring is here, which means everyone is working out more! No matter where or how you exercise, your workout clothes always put you at risk for locker room syndrome… Locker room syndrome is when your gym bag, closet, car, and house smell like a high school boy’s locker from sweaty, damp workout clothes.

Instead, learn the proper way to care for your workout clothes so the garments (and your house) stay clean and fresh, no matter how hard you work!


After the hardest workout, wash your clothing as quickly after vigorous exercise as possible. A quick rinse will help stop stains and smells from setting if you can’t get to the load quickly.

Instead of placing your sweaty garments in a heap on the floor (to become a breeding ground for mildew), lay out or hang the clothes to air out.

Gym shoes are often ignored, but can be the biggest culprit for damp, smelly gear. Always let your sneakers dry out completely between wears. If needed, use a tablespoon or two of baking soda to soak up moisture and odor from your shoes.

Gym clothing is often designed to be moisture wicking or water repellant to avoid becoming saturated with sweat as you exercise. But this also makes it more difficult to wash these garments as the water must penetrate into the fibers.

Even though gym clothes are often smelly or stinky, avoid the impulse to use extra soap and skip the fabric softener. Soap and laundry detergent can form a barrier that prevents the water from effectively cleaning the clothes. Follow the instructions on the garment for best results or call our experts for tips: 303-798-0515.

Workout clothes are often made from spandex and lycra fabrics. The heat from the dryer may damage the fibers in your garments, meaning they will lose their elasticity over time. Always use the lowest setting or air dry.
If you have the option, try line drying your clothing outdoors. Direct sunlight acts as a natural bacteria deterrent to leave your clothing fresher and cleaner for longer!

For the toughest stains, persistent smells, or advice on cleaning your favorite gym clothes, call Green Care Cleaners at 303-798-0515. Our clothing experts use precise wet cleaning methods to leave your garments cleaner, fresher, and healthier than ever.