Tips to Make Laundry Easier

Laundry is a daunting task for most people – does anyone actually want to spend that much time folding? Here are seven tips to make your laundry routine easier:

Break it up. Divvy up your laundry routine into smaller, more manageable chunks. One easy way to do this is with the sorted loads: whites, brights, darks, towels, jeans, etc. Pick one type to do each day, or set a schedule you can stick to.

Plan a “laundry” day. The opposite approach works better for some. Planning one day each week to tackle all of the laundry means you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week.


Multitask. Pair laundry with something more fun, like a good book or TV Show. At the end of each chapter, episode, or commercial break, check on your laundry and switch loads! Pick a podcast or movie to turn on in the background while you fold and hang the clean clothes.

Pre-sort. Having dedicated baskets for each load can drastically reduce time spent sorting dirty laundry. As you put on pajamas at the end of the day, toss your dirty clothes into the appropriate basket! Sort carefully to avoid stains and mistakes, or check the baskets as you load the machine.

Get the family involved. Instead of taking this task on yourself, ask for help! Young kids can help put clean clothes away, and older kids can help fold, sort, and hang.

Clean washer and dryer.
Your machines should be cleaned periodically to avoid getting contaminants on your clothes. Most machines have a self-clean setting, and be sure to remove dryer lint after every load.

Pick-up service. When you’re too busy to drop off dry cleaning, give us a call at 303-798-0515! We offer pick-up and drop-off services to help you manage your busy schedule. With our organic wet cleaning, your clothes will be cleaner, fresher, and hassle-free!

If you have any questions about caring for your clothing, call our experts at 303-798-0515.