Winter Coat Cleaning Tips

We might be used to November snow here in Colorado, but winter has arrived especially early this year, meaning it’s time to get out the hot cocoa – and your winter coat.

winter coat

Unpacking your winter jackets and quickly throwing them into the wash can have dire consequences, including damaged fibers and musty odors.  The thickness of the jacket and its filling make the cleaning process different than other clothes, and our team at Green Care Cleaners wants to keep your winter coat in its best condition.

If your thick winter coat is dirty, dusty or just plain old, dirt particles can seep all the way through the layers of the jacket. The water and detergent take longer to soak through the jacket’s layers, which is why washing a winter coat takes longer than washing regular clothes.

To properly clean you winter coat at home you should…

  1. Pre-treat any stains by rubbing in or applying stain remover on the affected area. Always test a new solution on a hidden area, like the inside hem, before treating the stain.
  2. Add detergent to the washer and start the cycle so the machine begins to fill.
  3. Put the jacket into the water. Turn the washing machine off and allow the jacket to soak in the soapy water for at least an hour.
  4. After an hour, turn the machine on and let it finish the cycle.
  5. Hang to dry or put it in the dryer on the lowest heat stetting. Avoid excessive heat while drying to protect the fabric and the filling from damage.

For best results, or if you are unsure how to care for your jacket, bring it into Green Care Cleaners in Highlands Ranch. Our expert clothing care specialists will be able to determine the best way to clean and refresh your jacket, without the harsh side effects of dry cleaning or the risks of washing at home.

Winter will be here for a while, don’t get caught in the cold with a dirty winter coat. If you’re worried you may ruin your jacket by washing it incorrectly, bring it in to take advantage of our EPA wet cleaning service. Our professionals will preserve the life of your winter garments without the harsh chemicals of a regular dry cleaning process. Stop by our location in Highlands Ranch or call us at (303) 798-0515 and experience the Green Care Cleaners difference today!

How Do I Clean Fire and Smoke Damage From My Clothes?

The aftermath of a house fire can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Possessions have been ruined and pieces of your life may have been lost forever. If your clothing did not go up in flames, it may have been damaged by smoke and water. It is much more cost effective to have them cleaned than it is to buy an entirely new wardrobe. However, washing them yourself in a regular washing machine will not get the smoke and soot smell out of them. It’s important to have a professional treat and restore your precious garments.

There are two things that cause the most damage to clothing: soot and odor. Before a garment can be deodorized, the soot must be removed. Our special organic cleaning process is a gentle method which reduces the risk of spreading the soot to non-damaged areas. Dry cleaning’s harsh chemicals can move the soot from one area of the garment and spread it around to others. The same can be said with odor removal as far as transferring the damage to other areas. Throwing damaged clothes in to the washing machine only means that they will be swirling around in smoky water, not able to be fully cleaned. It’s best to leave this process to a professional.

If you are recovering from a fire and your wardrobe was damaged, allow the experts in organic dry cleaning in Littleton to restore your clothing instead of attempting to get the soot and odor out yourself.

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