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It’s hard to believe, but after 15 amazing years on Littleton Blvd., our landlord wanted to find a different tenant.

The GOOD NEWS? We found a GREAT FACILITY in a GREAT LOCATION that will let us serve you better.

Here's what’s not changing:
  • We’ll still get your clothes CLEANER, FRESHER-SMELLING & SOFTER
  • We’ll even have the same PHONE NUMBER
  • Only our location is changing, and we think you’ll be EXCITED about the new location!

NEW LOCATION: 537 W. Highlands Ranch Pkwy #107, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 (map)

If you have any questions or need any help reaching us at our new location, call us at 303-798-0515!

Ski and Winter Sportswear Maintenance

For many Coloradans, the best thing about winter in Colorado is Ski Season! Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or you are a sledding enthusiast, you probably rely on warm winter sports clothing to keep you dry and warm while partaking in your favorite activities.

Keeping your snow pants, ski jackets, and your warmest layers looking and performing their best requires regular cleaning and care. For best performance, it’s recommended to clean your gear at least twice per season.

Gore-Tex shells have been known to last and keep their technical abilities for 30 years with proper care. And with the cost of a new jacket costing upwards of $350-500, the regular care is the cost-efficient way to achieve longevity and extend the life of your quality winter gear.

In order to keep you warm and dry without trapping in perspiration, most ski wear is treated with special finishes to be both waterproof and breathable.

Ski wear and active winter jackets are typically coated with a water repellent finish. This coating has tiny holes that allow water vapor (from your sweat and body perspiration) to escape. At the same time, the holes are so small they prevent liquid water from getting through.

As you use your ski garments, dirt, grime, and body oils can get trapped in these holes and obstruct the finish from working properly. Clogged pores trap your body heat inside the garment, while the dirt and grime can wear down the finish.

Periodic cleaning will keep your jacket looking and performing like new! Removing the accumulated dirt will open up the holes in the finish again to restore water proof properties and breathability.

Between washes, use a clean, damp cloth to brush away any visible dirt and stains. Always remember to hang, air out, and dry your ski wear completely before storing.

If you wash your ski wear at home, always follow the care instructions on the label. Avoid using heavy detergents, bleach, and fabric softener, and DO NOT dry clean. The harsh chemicals will damage the water proof or resistant coating on your best gear.

Our organic wet cleaning is a safe alternative for your ski wear, without the harsh chemicals that typical Dry Cleaners use. Your ski gear will be fresher, cleaner, and last longer!

With proper care and cleaning, your winter sports clothing and ski wear will last from season to season. Call Green Care Cleaners at 303-798-0515 if you have any questions regarding maintenance of your clothing at any time of year!

Holiday Stain Tips

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year, full of great meals and fun celebrations, but mixing food and fun is always a recipe for spills and drips. Here are some of best ways to fight the most common stains we’re likely to encounter during this most wonderful time of the year.

First things first, it’s best to go into the stain fighting battle well-armed. Most stains can be dealt with by using some combination of white vinegar, salt, hydrogen peroxide, laundry detergent and dishwashing detergent. Throw in a way to gently scrape up any excess, and you’ve got a stain fighting kit to take on anything the holidays can throw at you.

For instance, berry stains, like spilled cranberry sauce or errant berry pie, start with scraping up any food particles, and then dabbing the spot with a 2-to-1 mixture of water and white vinegar. After about ten minutes, treat it with a mild detergent and then bring it in as soon as possible!

Another unwelcome stain, the red wine spill, takes advantage of other parts of your stain fighting kit. Sprinkle the stain with salt, and then dab with a damp cloth. Follow by dabbing with a few drops of white vinegar until the color is completely out. Finally, dab with rubbing alcohol, and then dab with a clean, damp towel.

What about after dinner coffee? Mixing together two parts water to one part dishwashing liquid and blotting the stain should help prepare it for deep cleaning here at Green Care.

It’s important to remember: pre-treating is only a bandaid! If the item says “dry clean only”, or if it’s too big to fit in your washing machine, don’t let it sit around. Some fabrics need the work of a professional dry cleaner, like the ones here at Green Care Cleaners, to remove stains properly. Our high-tech cleaning process can get out even the toughest stains on the most delicate fabrics, but it’s best not to risk it with your favorite shirts, blouses, and holiday linens.

From our family here at Green Care Cleaners to yours, we wish you very Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year!

Winter Wardrobe Maintenance

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow: How to keep your winter wardrobe looking like new!

Denverites know that the key to a good winter wardrobe in Colorado is layers. We all know that our weather can change drastically from one day to the next. Today it is 60 degrees and sunny, but tomorrow’s forecast calls for five inches of snow!

To stay comfortable in the winter, any old coat just won’t do. Find one that not only keeps you insulated from the cold, but blocks the wind that comes sweeping down the foothills. “Puffy” jackets are your best bet for protection against the harsh elements because they lock in your body’s heat while blocking out the wind. Once you’ve found your perfect winter coat your next thought may be, how do I keep it looking like new? The best thing you can do for your winter apparel, old or new, is to seek out a Metro Denver professional cleaning facility that will take special care of your clothing.

We are all working with tighter budgets these days, and we all want the most “bang for our buck”. It only makes sense that you would want your wardrobe investments to stay intact as long as possible. Experience the difference a professional and caring cleaning service makes at Green Care Cleaners. We are committed to providing the best possible service while leading the industry with our organic cleaning methods.

Smothering your winter apparel with toxic chemicals is what you’ll get when you visit a traditional cleaning service. Our organic cleaning methods will keep your clothes feeling better, smelling cleaner, and looking sharper without harmful chemicals. Additionally, we offer a stain resistant process called Soybean Nano technology that will keep your winter wardrobe looking as pristine as the day you purchased them. So, when you’re at your Holiday parties this season don’t panic when you dribble red wine on your new silk dress, or dump gravy on your cashmere scarf. With stain resistant Soybean Nano technology, liquids bead up and roll right off the material. This season keep your sharpest jackets, fanciest dresses, most delicate gowns, and nicest shirts fresh and clean, and stop by our organic cleaning facility in Highlands Ranch!

Sensitive Skin? Organic Dry Cleaning is the Answer!

Over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies every year. In addition to peanuts, cats, bees, etc., a common allergy for many is the chemicals used by traditional dry cleaners.

Allergic reactions to these chemicals can cause sneezing/coughing, skin irritation, rashes, or even hives.

The solution? Go Green!

be green in 2014 by switching to a littleton organic dry cleaner

While standard dry cleaners use harsh, petroleum-based chemicals solvents like perchloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene and various chlorocarbons, the organic dry cleaning process uses temperature-controlled water, sophisticated computer-controlled machines, and gentle detergents to get your clothes clean. This gentle process is hypo-allergenic and has no scents or perfumes that cause skin irritation as a result of allergies.

If you have clothes that are ‘dry clean only’ but you have sensitive skin, organic dry cleaning is definitely the way to go!

Smoke or Water Damage? No Problem!

Damaged clothes are often packed up and forgotten, or maybe even tossed aside and thrown in the trash. Perhaps there was a devastating house fire in your recent past or an overwhelming flood that caught your closet. Hey, it could even have been as simple as you got a little too close to the bonfire on your last camping trip and you can’t get that smoke smell out of your favorite sweatshirt.

Regardless of the reason, smoke and water damage happens to the best of us…and sometimes our best clothes. While many times this damage seems irreversible, before you spend the money and buy an entire new wardrobe, it’s important to know that clothes can often be restored at your local organic dry cleaners.

First and perhaps most importantly, don’t wash your damaged clothes in a regular washing machine-not only will it fail to get the smell and stains out, but it may damage your clothes even further by swirling them around in the same smoky water that caused the damage in the first place.

There are two major things that can cause vigorous damage to clothing: soot and odor. Before the smell can be taken care of, though, the soot must first be removed. Our unique organic cleaning process employs a gentle cleaning method that targets concentrated areas to reduce the risk of spreading soot to non-damaged areas.

It’s important to go to an organic dry cleaner to restore your damaged clothes. The problem with regular dry cleaners is that they use harsh chemicals that won’t remove the soot, but instead spread it around the garment.

So before you stamp your damaged clothes’ ticket to the dumpster, bring them by Green Care Cleaners and let our organic dry cleaning process restore them to a proper state. Stop by or call us at (303) 798-0515 today!

Caring For Summer Swimwear

Swimwear takes quite a beating in the summer. Whether you swim in the pool daily or just now and then for a quick dip, pool chemicals, the sun, sand, and lotions can all cause damage to swimsuits. This is distressing as swimsuits aren’t cheap, and the perfect one is often hard to find. Learning to properly care for your suits can lengthen their lifespan significantly. The following are tips to keep your swimwear, and you, looking good for years to come.

Rinse Your Swimwear ASAP

Sunscreen, chemicals, and body oils can do damage to the Spandex that most suits are made of. Rinse suits immediately after being in a hot tub or chlorinated pool. Besides protecting the integrity of the fabric, the quicker you rinse harsh agents out of your suit, the less likely your swimwear will smell like chlorine, the beach, or just stink.

Hand Wash Only

Always handwash your suits rather than machine wash them. The agitation from washing machines can damage all the delicate parts of a suit, leaving things bunched, stretched, or otherwise ill-fitting. In fact, machine washing is probably the worst thing you can do to swimwear.

Use Mild Detergent

Be sure to use a very mild detergent, such as a little hand soap or baby detergent, to wash your suits. Never use anything with lotions or moisturizers in it as they are damaging to the Spandex. Turn your swimsuit inside out and submerge in water. Swish it around for several minutes and then rinse well.

Dry Your Swimsuit Carefully

Never wring your suits out as this can damage the fibers of the suit and distort its shape. Lay your suit flat on a towel, roll the towel up and squeeze gently, then lay it flat to dry as hanging a swimsuit to dry can cause it to become stretched out. Also, avoid drying in the sunshine as this can cause the colors to fade, and never, ever put a swimsuit in the dryer.

Alternate Your Swimwear

Spandex is a “memory fabric”, meaning it takes a full day to return to its regular form. Having more than one suit to wear means you give each one the chance to breathe and return to its original shape. Alternating suits also gives each a chance to dry thoroughly, reducing your risk of being exposed to the bacteria and mold that can grow from damp swimsuits.

Never Wash Swimsuit In Hot Water

Hot water is bad for swimwear, and the combination of hot water and chlorine in a hot tub is even worse. Never use hot water to wash your suits, and avoid too many dips in the hot tub in your favorite suit. Instead, save an old suit, or your cheapest suit, for hot tub dipping. If you plan on spending a lot of time in a hot tub, choose a suit that is 100% polyester or chlorine resistant as cotton and natural fibers don’t hold up in chlorinated water.

Prep a New Suit Before Use

Prepping a new suit before taking a dip at the beach or in a hot tub can help lengthen the life of the suit. A 30-minute soak in a vinegar and water mixture (one tablespoon white vinegar per quart of water) should prevent dye from bleeding.

Watch Where You Sit

Whether you’re sitting on the ground, on a wooden bench, or on some other rough surface, try to always sit on a towel. These surfaces can snag and tear material, causing it to look worn and old before it’s time. If you don’t have a towel handy, wrap up in a sarong or scarf when you leave your lounge chair or the pool so that when you sit down, the bottom of your suit is protected.

If you’d like to learn more about this, contact us online or call us at 303.798.0515

Tips for Greener Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Whether the beautiful spring weather has you thinking about nature, or Earth Day inspired you to give back, it is easy to “go green.” You are already doing something right by bringing your clothes to Green Care Cleaners! Here are a few tips for green clothing care at home and for your dry cleaning:

When doing laundry at home, the key to going green is using less. It only takes two tablespoons of detergent to get your clothes clean, so avoid using more (and save money on detergent!). Use cold water when possible, saving warm water for heavily soiled clothes, and always using a cold rinse cycle. Only run a load when it is full (or adjust the water level to accommodate smaller loads) so you don’t use excess water.

Your dryer is one of the least efficient appliances in your home. It takes a lot of energy to heat and dry your clothing. If you have the option, line drying your clothes (outside or using an indoor rack) is a great alternative to using the dryer. Not only can line drying keep your clothes looking their best and lasting longer, the sun can actually make your whites brighter!

For all your dry cleaning needs, the green solution is obvious – organic wet cleaning! Traditional dry cleaning relies on the harsh solvent perchloroethylene to clean your clothes. It is such a harsh chemical that it must be sealed in drums after use and hauled away as a bio-hazard! Perc is also used to de-grease auto parts and strip paint, so how can it be good for your clothes, your body, or the environment?

Organic wet cleaning is the environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dry cleaning. Instead of harsh chemicals, organic wet cleaning relies on temperature controlled water, gentle detergents, and individualized care for your garments. With our computer-controlled process, we can precisely manage the temperature, pH levels, moisture content, and agitation to effectively clean your clothing – without harming you, your clothes, or the environment!

Our work doesn’t stop when your clothes are clean. We also use special cleaners to make your garments resistant to stains. When you bring your clothes to us, you will get cleaner, healthier, and greener clothes than dry cleaning. Your clothes will not only look and feel better, they will also last longer, saving you money and protecting your investment!

Stop by our cleaners in Highlands Ranch or give us a call at 303-798-0515 to learn more about organic wet cleaning and see the green care difference for yourself! With a few simple changes to your routine, you can make a big difference!

Spring Cleaning Household Fabrics

Spring cleaning might have you turning your whole house upside down for the sake of a fresh living area, but that doesn’t mean you can’t seek help along the way. As your local dry cleaner, we’re here to help you clean the tough stuff that you don’t have time for. Here’s a short list of items you may want to consider dropping off at Green Care Cleaners this spring:


Dry cleaning your bedding will prevent your comforter from puckering and shrinking, preserving it for years to come. Most comforters are simply too big for home washing machines, which means they won’t get completely clean if you run them through a normal cycle.


Draperies and curtains collect a huge amount of dust over time, retaining everything that blows through the window throughout the year. Clean curtains are a necessary part of spring cleaning, and bringing them by a dry cleaners is integral to removing the oil and dust that degrades the fabric over time.


Though a handmade rug can be a work of art, it’s still meant to be used in the household. We scuff them, spill liquids on them, and drag mud over them throughout the year. While spot-cleaning rugs is a great habit, the only way to completely clean and preserve your area rug is to have it dry cleaned by a professional.

Couch Cushion Covers

It’s easy to throw couch cushion covers through the wash when a stain occurs, but often this disrupts their shape, making it difficult to fit back on the cushion. When you have your couch cushion covers dry cleaned by professionals, they won’t just fit right—they’ll be preserved for years to come.

If you need help cleaning any of these items, don’t panic! Green Care Cleaners is here to help. Bring these hard-to-clean household items by so our gentle wet-cleaning process can preserve and protect them for the rest of the year. Call (303) 798-0515 today or visit our organic wet cleaners in Highlands Ranch.

Don’t Make These Common Stain Removal Mistakes

If you came home from a romantic dinner only to find that your favorite dress or suit now has an unfortunate stain, you may be tempted to try a DIY remedy. Pre-treating stains can be a helpful mitigating factor until you bring your clothes into our Highlands Ranch dry cleaners for removal, but be careful to avoid these common DIY at home stain removal mistakes:


Seltzer – The main ingredient in seltzer is carbon dioxide. If not used appropriately, this can become carbonic acid and ruin the fibers in your clothes.


Hair spray – The same ingredients that allows hair spray to keep your hair style in check all day can leave sticky deposits on your clothing. Once the spray evaporates, your clothes could be left with glue residue that could result in a much worse stain than the one you were trying to remove.


Nail polish remover – These removers often contain acetone, which can harm certain fabrics. This can also leave an oily, smelly ring on your garment which may not wash away completely.


Lemon Juice – Though this can sometimes be effective, lemon can result in oxidation. This can be helpful for whitening garments but can result in discoloration of other fabrics. Over time, oxidation could leave your garments with a yellow or brown stain.


Color-safe bleach – Even bleaches labeled “color-safe” can have negative effects on your clothes, causing discoloration or damaging fabrics and dyes. Read labels carefully and never use bleach on garments with a bleach warning.


Not all fabrics respond the same way to stain removal methods, so always use caution with DIY solutions. If you have questions about best practices for at-home stain treatment methods, call Green Care Cleaners at 303-798-0515.

Remember that pre-treating stains is only a preemptive method — your garment should be brought in for our organic wet cleaning process to fully remove the stain.


Stop by 537 W. Highlands Ranch Pkwy #107 or call 303-798-0515. We look forward to serving you!

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Caring for Knit Scarves and Accessories

Winter in Colorado means layers to stay warm in unpredictable weather conditions. We love to wear our knit sweaters, scarves, and accessories – especially the handmade items with extra sentimental value. But cleaning those items can be tricky! You don’t want to damage the carefully crafted items in your washing machine, or risk shrinking, stretching, and ruining the yarn.

Before you clean your knit garments at home, keep these things in mind:

Type of Material

Yarn comes in as many fibers and materials as fabric, and each has different care requirements. Is your sweater made of cotton yarn? Wool? Acrylic? Check the label on the sweater. For handmade items, you can refer to the label on the yarn itself, if possible.

If you have a sweater without a label, an expert can help determine the material it is made from and recommend the best care options. Bring your hand-knit garments to Green Care Cleaners so our clothing care experts can offer advice or clean the item for you.

Risks to Hand-Knit Items

  • Stretching – Natural elasticity can be damaged by normal wear and tear, but washing can expedite the damage. Never hang these items, but instead store folded in a drawer. Do not hang dry either, as wet fibers may stretch even more with gravity.
  • Shrinking – Heat from the dryer can cause knit items to constrict and shrink. We recommend laying flat to dry whenever possible.
  • Tearing – The agitation of the washing machine can cause some hand-knit items to pull apart, tear, or become damaged. For these items, wash by hand or take to a professional.

Proper Care

If you are going to clean the items at home, always follow the care instructions. If you don’t have instructions to follow, first test detergent on a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure it does not damage the material. Then use a gentle cycle or handwash the items carefully. For best results, bring your garments to our professional wet cleaners for advice on how to wash the item.

Never put hand-knit items in the dryer, as the heat and agitation can damage the fiber and the weave. Instead, lay flat to dry and reshape to prevent damage.

For advice on caring for your favorite knit clothing and accessories, bring them to Green Care Cleaners in Highlands Ranch! Our professionals will keep your garments looking their best, without the risk of washing at home. Call us at 303-798-0515.

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